In therapy a crisis may open a new era for you. The discovery of the meaning of a symptom may reveal something that has slowed your potential throughout your life. A depression may no longer be disabling to become the engine of change. Understanding your personal history may help you improve your intimate relationships and your professional horizon. A personal analysis may be the most important project that you can take to feel good.

Formerly a NHS psychiatrist in the UK, I am a man of multiple skills and vast clinical experience. I speak English, Italian and Spanish. I am a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist in private practice in London. I have also trained in group analysis, psychodrama and family therapy. I have studied attachment theory, psychosomatic medicine and Eastern approaches to personal development (including meditation and tantra) as well.

What is distinctive about my work is the way I explore the childhood and interpersonal origins of adult emotional and relationship difficulties with empathy, respect, equanimity and wisdom.

At present I am working mainly online. This allow for people to engage in therapy with me from any place in the world.