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Publications - Dr Mario Marrone

Attachment and Interaction

By Mario Marrone

Paper back, 240 pages - ISBN: 978-1-85302-586-0. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers (1998) Second edition: May 2014.

Attaccamento e Interazione

By Mario Marrone - Paperback, 320 pages – Rome: Borla Publishers (2009).

This is the Italian translation of Attachment and Interaction (first edition). The preface was written by Franco Paparo, an Italian psychoanalyst and group analyst.

Attachment and Intersubjectivity

By Nicola Diamond and Mario Marrone  Paperback, 300 pages - ISBN: 978-1-86156-126-8 - London: Whurr (2003)

This book focuses on the understanding of the epistemological roots of attachment theory, conceptualised as psychoanalytic paradigm, which highlights the movement away from a 'one-person psychology' to a multi-person psychology'.

In this context, attachment theory is viewed as a theory of processes, across generations and across the dynamic interaction between the individual and his 'worlds of others' (including parental figures, offspring, the sexual partner, the group and society). This position is congenial with contemporary philosophical and developmental ideas and recent advances in the neurosciences. It is also a contribution to British Independent Psychoanalytic thinking, the so-called 'relational schools of psychoanalysis' and group analysis.

This book involves: (a) a didactic formulation of the basic principles of attachment theory as a psychoanalytic paradigm; (b) a critical discussion of controversial issues in psychoanalysis (such as theories of intersubjectivity, thinking and motivation, the role of the historical reconstruction in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and the relation between attachment and sexuality), viewed from an attachment perspective and (c) an exploration of the clinical implications of these concepts.

Attachment Theory and the Psychoanalytic Process

By Mauricio Cortina and Mario Marrone -  Paperback, 480 pages ISBN: 978-1-86156-287-6 – London: Whurr (2003).

Attachment theory has begun to have a worldwide impact among clinicians within the last twenty years. This interest marks a departure from the early fate of attachment theory, which was neglected by the psychoanalytic establishment.

This edited book is in part a testament to the fact that clinicians are taking Attachment Theory and research creatively to examine a variety of clinical issues. The editors gathered a distinguished group of clinicians and scholars from around the world (Argentina, Italy, Mexico, UK, USA and Spain) to examine and extend Bowlby's legacy.

The British psychotherapist Barbara Lloyd has reviewed these books and made very favourable comments in the British Journal of Psychotherapy (Vol. 24 number 1 Pages 108-112, February 2008).

La Teoría del Apego: Un Enfoque Actual

By Mario Marrone SBN: 978-84-88909-07-7 84-88909-07-1

Paperback. Madrid: Psimática, 2001 (400 pages). Second Edition 2009 (480 pages).

This book, written and Published in Spanish, has been a best seller in Spain and Latin America. It is a modified, updated and expanded version of “Attachment and Interaction” and includes contributions by Luis Juri (Argentina) and Nicola Diamond (UK). The preface was written by Hugo Bleichmar.

This book has played a seminal and key role in disseminating attachment theory in the Spanish speaking world and has been quoted widely. It is a text book for several universities and psychotherapy training courses in Spain and Latin America.

The second edition, enlarged and revised was published in 2009 in response to an overwhelming demand from readers to have an updated version. The book includes chapters on parental dysfunction, couple relationships, bereavement, trauma, neurosciences, psychotherapy and mental health promotion.

Apego y Motivación: Una Lectura Psicoanalítica (Attachment and Motivation: a Psychoanalytic Reading).

June 2014 - ISBN: 978-88909-86-2

Psimatica (Madrid)

Preface by  Vanessa Nahoul Serio (México DF).

Sexualidad: la tuya, la mía y la de los demás (Sexuality: yours, mine and the other´s)

March 2016 - ISBN: 978-84-88909-42-8

Preface by Javier Sempere; epilogue by Liliana Fischer

Apego y Psicoterapia (Attachment and Psychotherapy)

October 2017 - ISBN: 978-84-88909-50-3

With Mauricio Cortina (Washington School of Psychiatry)

Preface by Emilce Bleichmar

Spanish: Parentalidad y Teoría del Apego . Compiladores Elsa Wolfberg y Mario Marrone

English: Book in Spanish: Parenting and Attachment Theory. Elsa Wolfberg & Mario Marrone. Editors