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Dr Mario Marrone

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Online therapy

I have been using online therapy for the past three years with great success. Online therapy is effective in many cases. It can take less time for my patients to be away from their workplace or home, saving time in public transport or worry about traffic. It is also the only possibility for patients who want to have therapy with me because of my extensive clinical experience and attachment orientation and live in different parts of the world.

Some people with chronic illnesses or disabilities may not be able to drive or be easily able to leave their home. In these situations, online therapy may be their only option for help.

In a digital era, when more and more people are using email, webinars and WhatsApp  to communicate, it may seem more comfortable or easier to have online therapy.

In recent years some books on online therapy have been published. I have written the preface of one of these books, published in Spanish.

I also offer supervision to psychotherapists who live in different parts of the world and speak one of the languages I speak.

My patients pay by bank transfer or PayPal. Fees are negotiable.